Therapy & Supervision

Each year the participant has to have 5 sessions of individual NARM therapy and 5 sessions of NARM supervision, individual or in group, with a minimum of 3 hours of supervision by Dr. Laurence Heller. If the group is up to 8 participants 2 hrs equal 1 session, with more than 8 participants 3 hrs equal 1 session.

At the moment the following NARM Danish assistants can provide therapy sessions, individual supervision and group supervision: Arne Randrup, Jeanett Bonnichsen and Tove Mejdahl. For individual therapy sessions and individual supervision you can consult Liv Søchting. Louise Svendsen and Rikke Dyrvig both offer individual therapy sessions.

All sessions must be booked and payed for directly with the NARM therapists and dr. Heller.

During the NARM trainings supervision and sessions can be booked and carried out before and after the training at a special price of dkk 900.

Dr. Heller will facilitate group supervision with him as supervisor during the training weeks.

Download: Session log