Price & Conditions

We have done our best to facilitate a professional training program of a high quality with sufficient assistants to facilitate building clinical skills.

When signing up and approved to the program, the participant agrees to pay for 1 year of training, ie. 2 modules when paying the deposit of dkk 1000. The total program consists of 4 modules.

At the time of acceptance into the program a deposit of dkk 1000 has to be payed to finalise the subscription. In case the participant leave the program, the deposit as well as the fee for the trainings programme is not to be refunded.

The price consists of two parts:

A fee for the training

  • 20 days of the training with dr. Laurence Heller and assistants from Denmark and other countries

  • access to NARM sessions and supervision at a reduced price during training days at the training venue

A fee for the venue

  • a nice room for the training with space for group exercises

  • light breakfast

  • delicious lunch buffet with both cold and warm dishes and many options for vegetarians

  • snacks, fruit, cake and refreshments all day

Total per module in 2019 and 2020

dkk 14.500; with early bird discount dkk 12.500

If the payment is received good time in advance we give a discount of dkk 2000. This way we try to offer you price almost similar to the one we started with in 2013. Unfortunately we are forced to raise the ordinary price due to a raise in expenses like hotel costs, travel accommodation etc.

If the payment for module 1 in 2019 is received on February 15, 2019 we give a discount of dkk 2000

If the payment for module 2 in 2019 is received on May 31, 2019 we give a discount of dkk 2000

If the payment for module 3 in 2020 is received on January 15, 2020 we give a discount of dkk 2000

If the payment for module 4 in 2021 is received on January 5, 2021 we give a discount of dkk 2000

Payment for a module has to be received no later than 35 days before the training starts. Please notice we raise the price of a module with dkk 500 if you have not paid in time.

Please use this page + copy from bank transfer as invoice. If you need an invoice/confirmation of payment (faktura eller kvitering) it costs dkk 45 for a faktura/kvitt and dkk 60 for an EAN faktura.


  • 5 therapy sessions and 5 supervision session per year. The price depends on the NARM asssistant chosen. During the training days the price will be dkk 900 pr session with an assistant.

  • Group supervision with dr. Laurence Heller dkk 450

  • Access to a recording of the training dkk 900.

The total price

4 modules, 10 sessions and 10 supervisions of which 4 are with dr. Laurence Heller during the modules. The price for sessions and supervision can differ depending on the therapist and whether or not you take it during the modules or in between the training modules.